Vol Night Long took students back in time Friday with Nostalgia Night.

Held at HPER, the event, organized by UT's Campus Events Board (CEB), ran from 9 p.m. to midnight, as students were invited and encouraged to attend the free event. It had a line out the door from the beginning as people waited to enter.

Upon arrival, attendees were welcomed with the sounds of 2000s music and a wide display of inflatable games.

“We wanted to bring people back to their childhood with things like Kool-Aid Jammers and inflatables,” freshman in marketing and CEB member Jessica Kirshner said. “We really shot for the early 2000s and (19)90s to send students back to their own childhoods”

Free pizza, snacks like fruit roll-ups, candies including pixie-sticks and Laffy Taffy and drinks like Capri Sun and Red Bull were provided to aid in creating the nostalgic theme for students. Additionally, a Cheerwine table was present at the event to give students free samples and swag.

Not only did the event supply free food to send students back to their youth, but many of its attractions sought to do just the same.

“I came to the event for the free food initially, but stayed for the music and games with friends,” freshman in journalism Riley Thompson said.

Students had the choice to participate in a wide variety of activities including inflatable life-size Whack-a-Mole and Hungry Hungry Hippos, inflatable Twister, a photo booth, hula hooping, a velcro wall, retro arcade games such as Pac-Man and dance competitions.

Kirshner said that a wide variety of activities were planned and included to try to make the event fun and enjoyable for everyone who attended.

Between all the games and food, students were given bags which they could fill with a wide variety of glowsticks, snap bracelets, beaded necklaces, Silly Bandz, Slinky's and other assorted toys to wear and have in order to tie into the nostalgia theme.

“I had a super fun time and (I) would definitely go to another Vol Night Long,” freshman in exploratory Marshal Sinard said. “My favorite thing by far was the inflatable Hungry Hungry Hippos.”

Not only did the event provide a fun, free Friday outing, but it also allowed students to mingle and interact in an enjoyable environment.

“It was a super fun way to get out and hang around with other students while not in class or at a sporting event,” Thompson said. “It was a really great time and I am glad I left my dorm to attend.”

The CEB organizes and hosts Vol Night Long events monthly for students to attend and will continue to do so throughout the academic year. More information on future Vol Night Longs and other events can be found on CEB's website

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