Whether you’re facing ‘gymtimidation’ at the start of your fitness journey, feeling a little unmotivated to keep up your own routine or just looking for a little stress relief after class, the TRECS group fitness sessions have you covered.

A self-proclaimed gym junkie myself, I didn’t think starting college would strip me of my fitness motivation the way that it has. As expected, my recent lack of exercise has left me feeling a little groggy; I knew it was time to take action. After doing a little research — my research being browsing flyers around campus — I stumbled upon an awesome resource: the TRECS group fitness classes.

Sunrise Yoga, Zumba and Killer Abs were just a few of the choices that caught my eye when browsing the extensive list of TRECS classes. Fortunately, the class fees are included in the student activities fee paid by tuition, so cost was not a determining factor in my decision.

I ultimately decided on a Boot Camp class; the description detailed 45 minutes of improving “mobility, strength and stamina,” which seemed like a good fit for easing back into my regular, strength-training routine.

After a short warm-up walk from my dorm to the TRECS and then the more intimidating walk past the masses of students getting into their own workouts, I arrived at Exercise Studio 9. I’ll admit I was a little nervous, especially since I hadn’t worked out in quite a few days. However, the bright and upbeat atmosphere of the studio immediately put me at ease.

Class instructor Jake Coffey, a junior majoring in business, began teaching courses over the summer. Coffey has been a personal trainer since April, and his experience was evident in the way he instructed our class with ease and confidence.

Mixing multiple strength training circuits with a clear love of classic rock music, Coffey made sure the class stayed moving and motivated throughout the full 45 minutes. Trust me, we worked up a sweat in no time — or maybe that was just me.

The class consisted of multiple circuits of four exercises, with each circuit being repeated twice. The exercise intervals were 40 seconds, with rest intervals of 20 seconds separating the exercises. Coffey included front and lateral raises, Romanian deadlifts, squats, tricep dips and lying leg raises, among others, in his circuits.

The group fitness class was the perfect way for me to regain my motivation after a crazy couple of weeks. While I now feel ready to get back into my own routine, I’ll undoubtedly be trying out some of the other available classes at the TRECS.

These classes are an incredible resource for students interested in fitness or even those who are just venturing to try new things. I can’t wait to experience more of what the TRECS has to offer!

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