Studying in the Library

Students studying in Hodges Library. 

Classes are in full swing as we go into the fourth week of school. There’s homework to do, essays to write, projects to complete and exams to study for. The opening days were fun, but now it’s time to get serious about our studies.

But, remember to vary your study locations. If one spends all their study time in one location, that place can become a symbol of all of one’s school stress. That can forever stain how you feel about studying there.

Worry not, though, for there are plenty of options.

Location: Dorm/apartment

Pros: All of your materials in one place. Comfortable environment.

Cons: Plenty of distractions.

The first place you might think to study is your dorm or apartment, and this isn’t a bad idea. One of the most important considerations for high-quality study is a comfortable work environment, and your living space may be one of the most comfortable spots available.

However, that comfortability could also harm your studying. It becomes all the easier to distract yourself with hobbies or technology when all your stuff is within your reach. If you study at home, just be sure to set up the proper environment and distance yourself from distractions.

Location: Hodges Library

Pros: Variety of study environments.

Cons: Hustle and bustle. Social pressure.

Libraries have long been a symbol of learning, and Hodges Library has about all you’d need for any type of studying.

Need a place to study as a group? Hodges has study rooms available for reservation. Need a 100% silent place to read and write? The upper floors and quiet study area have you covered. Working on a paper and need to find more sources? You’ve got an entire building full of them.

However, this repertoire of resources can also make the library a bit overwhelming. While the library can promote proper study, the sheer number of people going in and out creates a lot of noise, even in the quiet areas.

The library is also a very public study place, so students may feel pressure to act or study a certain way. If you study here, know what resources you need and find the best way to study in the library environment.

Location: HSS

Pros: Writing Center and computer lab. Close to a lot of other class buildings.

Cons: Lots of hustle and bustle.

Directly adjacent to the middle of Pedestrian Walkway lies the Humanities and Social Sciences building.

Along with hallway study areas on the second and third floors, HSS has its own computer lab on the third floor. It’s a small and comfortable environment with multiple writing tutors on hand to help you with any papers you’re struggling with.

But since HSS houses classes, the sound and movement of students making their way to their next courses can be distracting.

Location: Haslam Business Building balcony

Pros: Great view. Outdoor studying good for mental well-being.

Cons: Weather dependent.

You can easily spot one of campus’ lesser-known study spots from Pedestrian Walkway.

The second floor of Haslam Business Building features a small balcony with a few chairs and tables looking out onto Ped Walkway and Neyland Stadium.

Going outdoors does wonders for one’s mental upkeep, and studying outdoors can improve study habits by keeping one calm and focused.

However, the outdoor seating makes studying a little harder when it rains. The weather is hot this time of year, so keep some sunscreen on hand if you’d like to take advantage of this spot.

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