Spots like the Student Union, the Starbucks inside of Hodges and the HSS amphitheater are common hangout locations for students, both for chatting with peers and studying.

But, where to go when you’re looking for a quieter, less populated place to study or simply be? Here are some of the less utilized spots on campus.

Melrose Courtyard

This area of campus, tucked between Melrose Hall, the Pride Center and the Center for International Education, is conveniently located near the library and many of the freshman dorms. The courtyard can be a sunnier spot in the warm months, but the sides of the area are lined with trees and the entrances to the courtyard are stone arches, both of which create shady spaces to escape from the heat. The courtyard is equipped with benches as well, making it a great spot to take a stroll or sit and relax. Additionally, Melrose Courtyard was approved for renovations last semester, meaning that it will soon flourish even more.

UT Gardens

Although this spot is located on the agriculture campus and therefore farther than most students normally venture, these gardens are still a short walk or bus ride from UT’s main campus. The gardens, which are filled with colorful flowers and many other plants, offer a serene and beautiful place for students to relax in. Students can also explore expert horticulture and admire the wooden butterfly statues that are on display throughout the gardens. The area is also filled with benches and gazebos, locations which would be perfect for a studying on a sunny day.

If you’re looking for entertainment, UT Gardens holds special events and classes throughout the year. These sessions offer great opportunities to educate yourself about horticultural therapy, edible plants, the creation of beauty products with plants and more.

Overlook next to Dougherty Engineering Building

If you’re not an engineering major, you may have never noticed the beautiful overlook that is located next to Dougherty. The area is filled with patio tables and offers a fantastic view of downtown Knoxville. And thankfully, you don’t have to climb the treacherous Hill to witness this great scene; the area can be accessed by walking down Pedestrian Walkway and then Middle Drive, past Alumni Memorial Building and towards Dougherty.

Deck between the Communications Building and Andy Holt Tower and Thompson Boling Arena’s deck

These spots are not as green as the rest, but they do offer great views. Located near the edge of campus, the adjacent concrete areas overlook the Tennessee River. These are great locations to stand and observe the serenity of the river when you’re looking for some stillness among the craziness and rush of campus life. The spots also offer a great background for photographs!

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