Applications to receive monetary support through the Student Emergency Fund are now open online. The fund was created through UT’s fundraising resource, VOLStarter, to support students who are facing financial hardships as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus.


The parking system here at UT can be confusing to some, with several different types of passes and many different areas where students, staff, faculty and the general public can park.


Recently, Knoxville and UT’s campus have been the center of torrential downpours. Amidst thunderstorms and classes cancelled for fear of flooding, UT students, faculty and staff have been walking around campus in quite rainy conditions in recent weeks, and the rain shows no signs of stopping.


The Department of Facilities Services works to keep campus functional and beautiful for all that walk its grounds. However, the department is aware that there are locations on campus that students would specifically like to see improved.


The second semester has started in full. A new batch of classes may bring a new batch of stressors, but they don’t need to overwhelm you. You can make this semester a breeze if you take the right steps.


Peeking out from behind a shelf in freshman Alex Anastasi’s Reese Hall dorm was what she initially believed to be an envelope, due to its manila coloring. Anastasi said she and her roommates left it alone, until one night when their curiosity was piqued.

Whether you have a meal plan or not, there are definitely going to be times this fall where you’ll want a cozy desert without leaving your dorm room or apartment. These easy recipes use warm spices and rich flavors to create the perfect desserts for Knoxville’s new cold weather. And best of …

Classes are in full swing as we go into the fourth week of school. There’s homework to do, essays to write, projects to complete and exams to study for. The opening days were fun, but now it’s time to get serious about our studies.

Chandler Lampe and Nick Corbin are the Director and Co-Director of SGA's Technology Affairs student services committee. Last Fall, they approached OIT about potentially having VolCard access on their phones. This fall, their idea will become a reality.

As the new semester starts, many UT students are settling in to their first-ever off-campus apartments. This living situation comes with a lot more independence than the dorms – and a whole new set of expenses.

Whether you’re facing ‘gymtimidation’ at the start of your fitness journey, feeling a little unmotivated to keep up your own routine or just looking for a little stress relief after class, the TRECS group fitness sessions have you covered.

Rachel Isham is a student here at the University of Tennessee. She is from Cookeville, Tennessee, which is about an hour to an hour and a half away. She went to Cookeville High School, studying microbiology and minoring in animal science. Rachel plans to be a veterinarian after college and a…

Sarah Kennedy is from Kingsport, Tennessee. She works at the Jones Center of Leadership and Service but, when she graduates, she wants to go into education to either teach kindergarten kids or college students. Her favorite spot on campus is Ayers, which is on top of the Hill. Sarah likes to…

Viet Quatch is from Oak Ridge, Tennessee and is a student at UT. He also works at the Hodges Library. His favorite spots on campus are on top of the Hodges Library and Neyland Stadium. His hobby is playing intramural sports and his favorite sport is soccer, both indoor and outdoor. Viet root…

Summer Johnston is from Los Angeles, California, and works at the Beacon as an accountant. Her favorite spot is at the Beacon. Why? Because it is fun to be around the news crew at the Beacon. Summer likes to read in her spare time, she was a waitress before coming to the Beacon. Summer has l…

Hailie Hensley is from Union County and she works at the Beacon as a business manager. Her major is in business management and her hobby is kayaking. Hailie’s favorite sport is basketball. She supports her fellow Vols as well. Her favorite spot on campus is the Hodges Library, why? Because i…

With only two weeks left in the school year, many students are counting down the days until they move out of their dorm rooms and apartments. These last two weeks of class are sure to be extra busy, and any time you can save is essential. By getting a head start on packing up your dorm room …

Students at UT are surrounded by culture emanating the history of the South, particularly through country music, since the campus is located just a few hours away from Nashville, also known as Music City.

The flu and cold season has hit Knoxville hard this year, with Knox County Schools closing schools until Thursday due to illness. However, UT remains open as students, faculty and staff continue their daily routines in the midst of the closing.

February has arrived, which means the Season of Love has begun. However, don’t wait until the week of to the get your plans straight. Here are some things you can do to prepare for Saint Valentine’s Day.