World Kindness Day

Students participate in World Kindness Day in the Center for Student Engagement.

This Wednesday, the Center for Student Engagement (CSE) held World Kindness Day in the Student Union as part of its daytime programming. The event took place in the CSE, located on the first floor of the Union, and was full of activities centered around bringing joy and kindness.

The CSE was a convenient location for World Kindness Day given that the Student Union was very busy at the time of the event. Students passing by could easily see the event while the strolling through the building and decide to join in.

Students were encouraged to drop in. They could participate for a little while or stay for a lengthy period of time.

The event was hosted to give students a chance to relax and destress. With finals season approaching, stress for students can be at an all-time high. With days of class and studying, the event was a nice way to decompress and foster creativity.

At the event, there was a very popular cookie decorating station where students could select a cookie and decorate the treat how they would like.

Additionally, there was a chalkboard decorating station where students were supplied with small chalkboards and markers. Many participants at the station got in the holiday spirit by making “Merry Christmas” signs.

The CSE also gave away Kind bars at the sign-in table. Each bar was tied with a ribbon that had a kind saying on it.

The event was quite popular; students arrived in groups with their friends to make signs and decorate cookies. Happy voices and laughter could be heard throughout the CSE, as students had a good time with their crafts.

World Kindness Day is a celebration observed throughout the world. The holiday aims to promote kindness and love towards oneself and towards others. The celebration can be a great a way to spend time with loved ones and engage in fun activities.

The main purpose of UT’s World Kindness Day event was to make the UT community aware of the celebration and what it means. The crafts were easy and fun activities for students to partake in with their friends, as well as a good way to destress. The event was a successful attempt by the CSE to get students engaged in a nonacademic manner. 

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