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Although each academic major comes with a prescribed set of required classes, students with gaps in their schedule or a need for extra electives may find themselves browsing the online catalog for additional courses to take. Here are some of the most unique courses offered at UT, which range from exercise-based classes to lessons in forensic science.

PYED 206: Bowling

Gutted about your previous score at the bowling rink and have time in your schedule to spare? Consider adding PYED 206 to your schedule; the course is focused on improving introductory level bowling skills, such as ball selection, approach, etiquette and more. The one credit class is a perfect addition to any schedule in need of a general elective.

PYED 200: Salsa Dancing

Get those hips in motion with PYED 200. The physical education course is a special topic class focused on Latin style dances, including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton and more. Even those who consider themselves to have two left feet can succeed in this beginner level course.

Sections are split between men and women in order to focus on solidifying one’s dancing skills without reliance on a partner.

PYED 243: Rape Aggression and Defense

How to protect oneself is possibly the most important skill one can learn before leaving college. PYED 243 is a rape aggression and defense course, which centers on proper safety skills taught by the UT Police Department. The course is taught by nationally certified instructors and is designed for those with little to no previous experience in self defense training. The one credit hour course is imperative.

PYED 254: Yoga and Relaxation

College is stressful, and lecture upon lecture can cause a tremendous amount of stress on both the body and mind. Release some of your daily stress through PYED 254: Yoga and Relaxation. The introductory level course teaches yoga postures and different forms of relaxation. The course is graded on a satisfactory or no credit scale in order to allow all students to feel comfortable at their level of skill, without having to focus on a specific grade.

ANTH 105: Scene of the Crime: Demystifying Forensic Science

With crime show and podcast popularity skyrocketing, Anthropology 105 is sure to catch the attention of many this scheduling season. ANTH 105: Scene of the Crime: Demystifying Forensic Science allows students to delve into the history of forensic science and how it applies to the modern day.

The three credit hour course covers how to collect and analyze forensic evidence.

ARTN 231: Non-Major Intro to Photography

In a digitally-focused age, skills in photography can boost most resumés, whether they are required by an employer or not. ARTN 231 gives non-art majors a chance to learn the basics about processing both traditional and digital film. The introductory level course will focus on photography basics in order to provide a strong foundation for students in their future photography endeavors. Consider exploring the art of photography in this three credit hour course.

BIOL 105: Parasites, Pathogens and Pandemics: Infectious Disease and Societ

When a new infectious disease is discovered, fear tends to break loose. Instead of living in fear, discover how infectious diseases form and spread in Biology 105. The course description even hints that the zombie apocalypse will be discussed in the class. The three credit hour course will cover a natural science elective and is a non-lab style course.

Sign up now to discover the inner workings of AIDS, Ebola and more.

ELPS 201: Foundations of Leadership Studies

All can benefit from strong leadership skills, but for many leading does not come naturally. Improve your leadership abilities with ELPS 201: Foundations of Leadership Studies. The three credit level hour course focuses on developing interpersonal and organizational leadership skills.

The skills learned in this class are meant to be applied both in a collegiate setting and beyond.

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