Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum speaking with the press during the Logan Lucky premiere benefiting Variety of Eastern Tennessee at the Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 theater on August, 9 2017. 

Channing Tatum attended a benefit screening of “Logan Lucky” Wednesday night at Knoxville's Regal Cinemas where hundreds saw the premiere and got to hear from the actor.

Proceeds of the event helped Variety, The Children’s Charity of East Tennessee. Fans anxiously awaited the arrival of the actor. Some like Michelle Branom, who arrived at 9 a.m., dedicated their entire day to the event.

"We got wind that Channing Tatum was going to be here in Knoxville, for a movie premiere, so a girlfriend and I got in the car and road tripped it just on a whim.” Branom said. “We’ve been out here all day other than one little trip to get some food, take a potty break and come right back here.”

Christian Grover and friend Rhonan Rama, both nine years old, waited in line in hopes of getting an autograph and picture with Tatum. They were also interested in the making of the film as well as Tatum’s experience working with Daniel Craig, James Bond actor and co-star of “Logan Lucky.”

Tatum showed his philanthropic desires as well with kind words for fans and supporters of the event. Tatum spoke with attendees and stopped for pictures, autographs and questions on his way down the red carpet. The actor was not just interactive with the fans but also highlighted the purpose of the night when addressing the attendees.

“I think we raised some money for Variety, and you know that’s the least we could do. We just got to come hang out with some really sweet people, and I hope they put the money to good use. I’m sure they will,” Tatum said.

With complementary drinks and popcorn, guests were invited to watch the premiere of “Logan Lucky” inside Regal Pinnacle 18. The film, directed by Steven Soderbergh and produced by Tatum and others was not the first project the two have worked on together. Other box office hits such as “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Magic Mike” display the diversity of their work. “Logan Lucky” was yet another clever and innovative production from the duo and is sure not to be their last.

“Logan Lucky is just about a bunch of normal folks. They’re not career thieves, and this is not what they do. This isn’t a high tech heist. It’s just some good ol’ southern folks robbing NASCAR, and that’s what was funny to me,” Tatum said.

“Logan Lucky” will be be in theaters across the country on Thursday, August 17.


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