Sonic Summer Snow Cone Slushes

Tiger's Blood, Bahama Mama, Blue Hawaiian and Pickle Juice slushes are now available for the summer at Sonic Drive-Ins. 

When a drive-in chain that considers itself a drink destination begins serving limited-time slushie options, especially ones with particularly colorful names, the taste-test must be on. 

This summer, Sonic is offering four new slushie flavors, listed as “Bahama Mama,” “Blue Hawaiian,” “Tiger's Blood” and “Pickle Juice.” Each of those names, as well as the anticipated tastes, were unique and exciting enough to make us head over to the nearest Sonic and try them out for ourselves.

But which are really worth an order? 

Bahama Mama: 

Known for its island-like tastes as it combines coconut and pineapple, many would say this classic snow cone flavor transports you to a tropical paradise. 

Tyler's take: For some reason, I expected this flavor to have a spicy kick to it, and, looking back, I'm not sure why, as that prediction could not have been more wrong. This taste was reminiscent of the Blue Hawaiian flavor, but came across as more bitter, though ultimately more enticing than the next drink up on our list. It wasn't a bad flavor, and it is not one that I would avoid in the future. However, it is also not one that I would likely choose over the myriad of other drink options that Sonic has to offer, which essentially defeats the purpose of a “limited time” option. 

Kylie's take: Honestly, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. There was some sweetness, some tangy-ness, but nothing too strong. Maybe some more juice or just a stronger flavor in general would have made me happier about it. I'm glad we tried it first, because I think it was a nice mellow start to our taste testing adventure. The drink was similar to Blue Hawaiian but didn't have the rich taste. Maybe try a different slush, such as the real fruit slushes, if you're looking for something sweet and fruity. It wasn't bad, but not my favorite. 

Blue Hawaiian:

Another snow cone flavor that should probably make you think of being on an island or at the beach. It's described as “sweet” and “tangy” on Hawaiian Shaved Ice's website. With a hint of coconut, the flavoring is meant to send your taste buds to a tropical destination. 

Tyler's take: This one reminded me a lot of Sonic's popular “Ocean Water” drink, which combines Sprite with blue coconut for a true delicious experience. That drink, though, is much preferable to their “Blue Hawaiian” slushie. I wasn't very impressed with this flavor, as the individual tastes in the drink did not mix well, in my opinion. The aftertaste left after that final sip was not a pleasant one. The “blue” aspect of this drink tasted fine, but there wasn't enough of a coconut flavor to mix with it, leaving an almost watered-down taste to this particular selection. Therefore, this feels like a watered-down version of a truly delectable summer drink. 

Kylie's take: Tyler's right- grab an Ocean Water and you'll pretty much have this slush. I LOVE ocean water so this one was a winner to me. Tangy, sweet, delicious...I enjoyed this one much more than Bahama Mama. There was a certain taste of coconut that made this one tasty. On top of the slight coconut taste the overall blue (maybe a blue raspberry kind of taste?) was phenomenal. Tyler downplays what I think is one of Sonic's best treats to offer this summer. 

Tiger's Blood: 

We promise no tigers were harmed. This famous snow cone flavor is sold at zoos across the country and is known for its fruity flavoring. Mixing watermelon and strawberry snow cone syrup, it makes one big pile of super sweet ice. 

Kylie's take:Just as Tyler probably agrees, this was my absolute favorite. I could taste the different fruits coming together into this really great slush. Most of Sonic's slushes are one flavor and one flavor only but this one is a perfect combination of two different flavors. Sonic did something right when they decided to introduce this flavor to the menu for this summer. 

Tyler's take: This flavor was far and away my favorite. As I expected, it was very similar to a fruit punch drink, which, when served cold in a slushie form, has all the makings of a stellar summer beverage. Unlike other flavors offered in Sonic's group of new slushies, the tastes here are perfectly mixed, giving consumers an ideal blend of fruit flavor with a sugary, cool experience. This one feels much more like a traditional Sonic drink. Although that may make it not as “out there” as the other slushies in this group, despite the colorful name, do yourself a favor and order this one every time. 

Pickle Juice: 

Think of those pickles sitting in your fridge, swimming around in juice. Now think of that juice poured over a up of ice and you've got this unusual summer drink. 

Kylie's take: You know, I went into this with a lot of courage. I don't even like pickles so I knew this probably wasn't for me. Our carhop told us it was a little too sweet because of the sugar used when making the drinks, but I thought it was the total opposite. It was salty. How? I have no idea. But it was salty and made me make the face of a baby getting its first taste of a lemon. I don't really have much else to say here other than if you like pickles, you'll probably like this. 

Tyler's take: This flavor is exactly what you'd expect from a drink dubbed as “Pickle Juice.” It tasted as if someone had squeezed a pickle until all of the juices gushed out, added sugar and handed it to the carhop to bring out to your car. To me, it wasn't pleasing at all; I was only able to stand a few sips of it, despite the fact that I enjoy eating pickles. My assumption is that if someone were to enjoy this flavor, they would not find the others in this group appealing, and vice versa. While “Bahama Mama,” “Blue Hawaiian” and “Tiger's Blood” each present a fruitier taste, this flavor is totally the opposite, and, at least to me, not in a good way. Drink at your own risk. 

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